DIS TRACT: The Black Forest

Promised to tell you more about what do to around Freiburg. So let’s hit the road together and check out top things to do in the Black Forest. To make the most out of your time, I recommend using the Schwarzwald Card, which you can get here from GetYourGuide*.

1) Titisee & Schluchsee

When you go to the Black Forest, you MUST have seen its 2 most famous lakes: Titisee and Schluchsee. You will observe some of the most picturesque, lush landscapes in the region as you take the opportunity to walk around the lakes. Also, you can find some of the few beaches where you can sunbathe in southern Germany. As we’re in central Europe, it will be quite a stretch to the next coast 😉 

Super important: Treat yourself to one of Germany’s culinary delicacies, the “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte” (Black Forest Cake) and also discover the quirky shops with their famous cuckoo clocks that come from this part of the country.

2) Europapark, Rust

Rust where is that? The name should say something to a few people, but once you say that Europapark is there, this will change everything. Here you will find Germany’s most famous amusement park, which is also the second most visited in Europe, right after Disneyland Paris. I’ll recommend to relieve stress as soon as the lockdown ends, so take advantage of the roller coasters, scream your heart out and relax your nerves after this exhausting time that we are currently experiencing. Clear fan favorites are the Blue Fire, Silver Star and the Wodan Timburcoaster.

Each part of the park is dedicated to a European country. So while we can’t travel a lot, go to the Europapark to get a feel for the atmosphere and architecture you find throughout Europe.

Get the Schwarzwald Card from GetYourGuide*, as a ticket to Europapark is already included with the card.

3) St. Blaise Abbey

Hidden in the forests are several cute villages with typical houses and monasteries of German architecture. In St. Blaise, you can visit the church with the third largest dome of its kind in Europe, clearly one of the top things to do in the black forest. Large ionic columns support the dome of the great neoclassical building.

4) The French Border

It was at the border very close to Freiburg where the marriage between Delfin de Franca and the famous Marie Antoinette took place (yes, the one who would later lose her head). On the border you will find small fortress cities like Breisach, by the river Rhine. Here you can stroll through the small town, admiring ancient architecture, or even on a terrace eating ice cream.

5) The Abbey of St. Peter

This abbey of Baroque architecture is one of the few survivors to escape World War II. I already told you about Freiburg, which sustained heavy damage. Discover the old convent library and the places where monks used to live in cloister.


This was my summary of top things to do in the Black Forest, which is best enjoyed with the Schwarzwald Card from GetYourGuide*. Yes, there are some other close-by places left out, like the cities of Basel in Switzerland and Strasbourg in France. These and other cities will have special posts on my DISTRACT blog, so stay tuned.

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