I get it. You may think it’s offensive to talk about how to escape the lockdown. Still, if you’re in Germany or France and tired of your local anti-COVID measures, you may think of visiting beautiful Luxembourg, one lone unlocked paradise. As of late February 2021, its borders are open, and so are the hotels and stores – curfew only starts at 11pm. Restaurants offer takeaway food. There is no quarantine and no Corona test required for visitors traveling by land. Please be safe, check local regulations before you travel and don’t break the laws! If you’re careful, keeping a distance and in good health, Luxembourg might be your best option for adding 1 more checkmark to your list of visited countries right now.

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You read that right – the 120.000 inhabitants of Luxembourg city and an additional 500.000 people living in its outskirts form an actual country. While being one of the smallest states, Luxembourg is also among the richest states in the world, and it shows when you pay a visit to the beautifully well-maintained sights. You will get a great overview of Luxembourg with this hop on hop off tour from GetYourGuide*. So let’s go ahead with my list of must-sees and must-dos:

1) See the famous Adolph Bridge

The bridge is the most photographed place in Luxembourg. The best views are from the platform of “Casemates de la Pétrusse”.

2) Visit Luxembourg Cathedral

Visit Luxembourg’s Gothic cathedral and admire its wonderful stained glass and ancient architecture. This is also the oldest and most important church in this small country.

3) The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Luxembourg

In the city center you can find the beautiful palace of the Grand Dukes of Luxembourg, home to European royalty.

4) Roam the streets and go shopping

The small town has an immense mix of architectural styles and is exceptionally well maintained and clean. Here you can observe the junction of German and French architecture and – while other countries are in full lockdown – you will be able to go shopping! Small cafes and restaurants add to the pleasant atmosphere.

5) Enjoy the view from the Kasematten

From this vantage point, you can see many bridges of Luxembourg and the lower city.

6) Visit the National Museum of History and Art

Near the Kasematten, you can find the national museum for art and history in Luxembourg. It’s a modern building where you can enjoy European art and learn about the history of this country. And above all, it is admission free!

7) Visit the modern part of the city

In this part of the city with modern architecture, you will also find important political bodies at European level, such as the European Court of Justice.

8) Special anti-lockdown treat: Cloche D'Or Shopping Mall

Promised you’d be able to indulge in shopping frenzy, so go for it: Right outside of town, you find the just recently opened shopping mall with many clothing stores and a huge hypermarket. Enjoy!

No matter if during lockdown time or anytime later on – be sure not to miss this gem of a city, ahem, country, with its charming atmosphere and great mix of modern and grand old architecture. If you’re looking for a comfortable option to get around, I recommend this hop on hop off tour from GetYourGuide*. Also, be sure to check out other travel recommendations from my DISTRACT travel blog!

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