In continuation of my first winter fashion post, here we go with the second installment. What to wear in the cold season, what are the most suitable colors, and how to create a flashy style with a long coat?


Winter Male Outfit Beige Coat 1

Oh hey, wait, we wanna feel good and classy!

In this article I’m detailing the outfit I chose for the end of the year 2020. 2020 will go down in history as the year of corona virus. The year that led us to being stuck at home, without much traveling and exhausted with most activities taken away from us. This was a relatively difficult one to plan, because honestly after this long and complicated year, what’s the whole point of… Oh hey, wait, we wanna feel good and classy! So I decided to do away with the sweat pants and go for an upscale look in simple colors – beige, brown and black. This outfit started out with my discovery of the coat. A long beige coat, and so I began to create the set. As my interest was for the coat to stand out, I opted for dark colors to contrast.

Here are the details for the individual pieces:


As mentioned above, the coat was the first piece of clothing to be purchased. It is a simple cut coat. However, the pale beige suede with the stitching edges offers special touch. The jacket must be worn together with simple clothing, so that it is able to stand out in the ensemble. Get coat on Amazon*.


The suede boots should be the same color as the coat, so it doesn’t look like you have too many different shades of beige on you. Get boots on Amazon*.


The pants should be simple and preferably black, in order to better highlight the beige tones. Get pants on Amazon*.


As I said in the previous post about fashion, the belt and shoes should always be the same color, regardless of what you wear. Here you have a belt, just like suede boots. It is important that both objects are of the same color and also of the same material. Get belt on Amazon*.


For the sweater I left black aside, and decided to choose a turtleneck sweater in dark brown. In the simplicity of the set, it turns out to be a very good fit, but not everyone is comfortable with a turtleneck sweater. That is up to you. Get turtleneck on Amazon*.


For the scarf I decided to use the same dark brown color as the sweater, so as not to be the only element in brown. But that’s your decision, whether you think it’s necessary or not. I decided to use it as a decorative and non-functional object. Get scarf on Amazon*.

Winter Male Outfit Beige Coat 6

I hope this post helped you creating your outfit with my suggestions. But as I always say the most important thing is to be yourself, and only you know better than anyone what image you want to give yourself. Our outward image must be the mirror of the soul and personality.

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