The 1920s mark the beginning of sophisticated menswear as we know it today. If you want to adopt these sleek looks for yourself, you should check out this first post of my ATTRACT blog category. I’m showcasing the grand 1920s vintage style for men with a full outfit for the cold season. The outfit is ready to order, with links to the individual garments and some additional fashion tips that you can use in your own creations.

However, the most important thing is not to lose your essence. Each and everyone of you has their own style – some rather unpretentious and others more extravagant. You want to be true to yourself, to feel comfortable and confident. With fashion, you can represent to the outside world who you are. So if you feel like this should be “your” outfit – shop away and enjoy!


1920s Vintage Style for Men

Now check out this sleek outfit for guys. Shades of gray and accents in deep blue make for an elegant and subtle combination. Yet, details such as the tie, the fedora hat, the scarf and the gray waistcoat add a distinctive 1920s twist. And yes, the outfit will also help keep you warm if you also travel to Paris in winter time (or any other city you’re allowed to discover, given your current COVID regulations 😉 ). If anything, the look also serves to make you feel classy when you’re roaming your hometown. It looks high fashion, but you will see it’s actually a lot cheaper than you think.

The most important thing is not to lose your essence.


A long coat is always an elegant choice. As gray is a neutral color, you can include it in countless outfits and the pattern certainly makes it interesting. Get coat on Amazon*.


I opted to add a gray waistcoat to my outfit, to give it the distinctive 1920s style for men and to make up for the fact that I wear a shirt that turns out to be cold. It’s just a matter of taste. There are those who love them and those who hate them. For sure, it is one more accessory that you must use with care so as not to appear over the top. Get waistcoat on Amazon*.


In this set I choose a simple light gray shirt without a pattern, so that I can wear a tie and not go into an exaggeration of colors or prints. If the coat is printed, a sweater or shirt should be plain and uni-color. Get shirt on Amazon*.


In this case, I decided to wear a blue tie to match the belt and shoes. As a result I have the blue color accents spread over a few details, which ends up making that deep blue stand out. Get tie on Amazon*.


Pants are one of the largest fabric spaces we will fill, so unpretentious colors are most often the easiest to match. You can’t go wrong with this one. Get pants on Amazon*.


The belt must always match the color of the shoes, so that the color is well positioned within the set, not going over the top. So marine blue is the color of your choice. Get belt on Amazon*.


In this outfit, the shoe has the function of bringing a little color, even if it doesn’t go over the top and gives elegance to the whole set. Get shoes on Amazon*.


In order to create a unique and appealing outfit with that classic look, I decided to wear a hat – but like the vest it is a matter of taste. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a hat, you don’t have to. Get hat on Amazon*.


In this set, the glasses are just a decorative element and not utilitarian. Glasses may give us a more intellectual, or sometimes even seductive look. Get glasses on Amazon*.

Winter Male Outfit Grey Coat 6

You just saw a suggestion of mine for 1920s vintage style for men, to inspire you in your creations. However, I cannot overstate the most important thing is to be yourself and be satisfied with the image you present of yourself.

Stay tuned for more outfits and tips! 

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