A new season begins, so we’re leaving the cold and dark winter behind, and what a long quarantining winter that was! Finally, we see nature regaining its colors and we feel the weather is warming up, allowing for some outdoor variety to combat your lockdown fatigue. To support you with your urge for the outside world, I’m presenting a fresh look for the beginning of spring. No more heavy clothes for now! We’re going to change that up for something lighter and less bulky. Get ready for spring 2021 guys!

spring outfit 1

To support you with your urge for the outside world, I’m presenting a fresh look for the beginning of spring.

To transition you smoothly from the cold season, I still recommend an unobtrusive color pallete. You will notice that my suggestion of the week is based a lot on brown and blue tones – typical colors of winter fashion – but assembled in a compact and lively style. In this post I will make clear the individual pieces including appropriate links, for you to order and create your own looks. I hope my suggestion will help you get in style for this new season of the year.


Brown Denim Jacket

For this outfit I chose a light brown denim jacket, which creates a relaxed and contemporary look with its faux fur. It is great for spring, but also light enough to also use it on a cooler summer night. So you are not dependent on a certain season, as is the case with a long coat, but flexible throughout the year. Get denim jacket on Amazon*.

Blue Sweater

If you’re a follower of this blog, you may notice I’m including a sweater that was already seen in one of my winter looks. Versatile as promised – this simple blue sweater is comfy and great to use in various looks! Here, it creates a nice contrast to the brown elements of the outfit. Get sweater on Amazon*.

Blue Jeans

This is one of the basics, a classic piece that everyone owns. While of the most used garments, few people actually know how to highlight them: Blue jeans. Here, they ensure a contrast with the brown denim jacket but still integrate very well, as they come in the same type of material. Get blue jeans on Amazon*.

Brown Belt

Spoiler alert: As always, the belt should go with the shoes. Brown in color, they offer a strong contrast to the blue jeans. Get belt on Amazon*.

Brown Boots

There you have it: brown Chelsea boots go great with this outfit and also the suede matches the belt. These are lighter boots compared to your typical winter footwear. Get boots on Amazon*.

spring outfit 5

This first suggestion should get you in the mood to start your spring shopping, even in this atypical year 2021. As you saw, the combination still comes with some winter touches, but also with the fragrance of warmer days approaching. Stay with me for more spring fashion tips. See ya soon, and if you haven’t seen my other publications yet, I’m leaving here the invitation to check out more recommendations already published in my ATTRACT section. For now, feel inspired and have fun creating your own next look to get ready for spring 2021 guys!

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