Dress to impress your Queen. Or King. London is one of the most vibrant and most important cities in the world – cosmopolitan and noisy, almost exploding with people and famous monuments. So what to wear to give yourself the proper appearance for her majesty’s home? You never know if the Queen appears around the corner – or YOUR queen. Or YOUR king, for that matter. Better safe than sorry, so dress up with this sleek outfit for guys! 

AT TRACT: Dress to impress your queen. Or king.

London Male Winter Fashion 3

You never know if the Queen appears around the corner - or YOUR queen. Or YOUR king, for that matter. Better safe than sorry, so dress up!

For the middle of winter, I recommend suitable colors: Blue and brown will form great dress to impress outfits for the cold season. In particular, I’m focussing my attention on the coat that I had been wanting to get for a long time. The rest of the outfit is put together around this center piece. You will find it simple yet impactful, which is not always easy to create. Read on for links to the individual garments chosen to form the final look.


The selection is centered around a long brown suede coat – a piece that is a current bestseller and, as I said, I had been looking to get it for quite some time. You will love the warmth of the faux fur collar that this jacket provides, and it also makes it a really fashionable and sleek outfit for guys. Here you can find such a coat: Get coat on Amazon*.


I decided in favor of boots in a saturated blue, which adds color to the whole outfit. Blue is a color that contrasts very well with brown. Here are simple suede boots, but with a striking color in order to create a striking image: Get boots on Amazon*.


The trousers should contrast with the boots, and therefore they come in brown in this outfit. If the shoes are plain in terms of pattern and details, then the trousers can be somewhat more exuberant: Checkered prints contrast the naked colors in the rest of the look. In each outfit, you should choose a piece that is extravagant to stand out. But only one, as not to go over the top! In this look, my choice fell on the trousers. Get trousers on Amazon*.


You may have come to know me by now: As I said several times, it is a fundamental rule of fashion that the belt is of the same color as your footwear. So here I have a blue suede belt, matching the boots. The optimal choice is for them to be not only of the same color, but also the same material. Get belt on Amazon*.


In order to go well with the trousers and jacket, I opted for a sweater as simple in style as possible. It comes in blue, so that it will pop just like the boots. It is a classic shade of blue, and still intense, capable of creating an impact, while naturally matching the rest of the outfit. Get sweater on Amazon*.


So this scarf in the pictures has an unfortunate personal history. Besides being one of the most expensive pieces of this outfit, it is tragic that I have used it only three times. My choice fell on a Gucci scarf made of silk which in terms of color perfectly matches the rest of the outfit. You will have an idea about its price tag. Royal, and as such, perfect for London. As soon as I got back home, I put it in the washing machine, not knowing of the evil I created. The scarf came out of the washing machine looking like an old wrinkled wool sweater, and like that, it left this world for good. At least, I can show you some pictures of this famous scarf here that I had wanted so much. It ended up dying way too young. 

You know what, it was too expensive anyway! So here is another scarf with the indicated color, but with a not so royal price tag, so that you can get it right now: Get scarf on Amazon*.

London Male Winter Fashion 2

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions for “dress to impress outfits”, and you now have an idea of the male winter fashion style that you want to create. The most important thing is to be yourself, without ever losing style. Even in lockdown, you should not give up and strive to be the best you can be. Because who doesn’t want to impress your queen or king, right?

Stay with me to find more outfits and styles in the ATTRACT category. See you soon!

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