Let’s cap off the cold season 2020/2021 with a striking male outfit: This bold winter look for men will make you burst with energy, color and style! My suggestion of the week is unique for its unusual choice of color. Intense red and blue put you in the spotlight.


Bold winter outfit 1

This bold winter look for men will make you burst with energy, color and style!

Red is usually a color chosen for spring or summer, but in winter it is rarely seen. How to integrate a bold hue in winter clothing? I decided to contrast it with a typical winter color, but also in an intense flavor: a deep blue. The red stands out but the blue manages to contain the strong color, creating an elegant and somewhat exaggerated look – yet very suitable for the time of year. Here I will leave my suggestions for the individual pieces of clothing with links, in case you are interested in purchasing some of the garments or the whole look. I hope you will be inspired:


One of the most important pieces to neutralize all clothing in winter is a coat. This time my choice was for a dark blue coat, a neutral color that I can wear daily. Also, the thick wool fabric is great to keep me (or you) warm in winter. I found the coat to be a perfect choice for my wardrobe, as it is easy to match with various styles and colors of other looks, so it will always be a great starting point. Get coat on Amazon*.


In order to give the image of a more elegant and formal look, I opted not for jeans, but for blue chinos that create a perfect contrast with the shoes. Get chinos on Amazon*.


The suede shoes I chose for their bold red color that is able to create an impact on the entire outfit. The red certainly stands out against the cool blue color of the pants and it takes guts to pull off that look. You can do it, I’m sure! Get shoes on Amazon*.


The belt, as always, is the same color and material as the shoes. Velvet red – a warm, well-defined color – gives structure to the big blue areas created by the coat and pants. The small element will be effective, but not exaggerated. Get belt on Amazon*.


The shirt is the piece of clothing that on the surface is the biggest element in red of the entire look. Without prints or other decorative elements, the choice of this outfit is based on pure colors. Less is more. If you want to wear brightly colored clothes, you should be careful not to overdo the prints, as the line between a striking and a childish look is very thin. Get shirt on Amazon*.


The scarf is the only piece in the entire look that has prints. The scarf has the two base colors of the entire outift, red and blue. This was the definite element that is not just one color, but also has a little print, to contract with the raw colors of the rest of the other garments chosen. Get scarf on Amazon*.  

Bold winter outfit 5

And this was my winter outfit suggestion for the week, and my last installment for the current season. I hope you will enjoy this bold winter look for men. Next week, we are going to explore the arrival of spring styles! Bear with me to find out about more fashion suggestions, and if you haven’t seen my other posts, take the opportunity to check out the other entries of my ATTRACT blog. Have fun creating your looks to be able to impress your crush or better half.

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