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So here we go – this Murder on the Orient Express review is my very first blog post on! If you’re like me, then you’re bored like crazy with the lockdown. I spend a lot of time reading these days, but not every book is a great way to while away the quarantine. This book from the Agatha Christie Poirot series sure is. Without a doubt, it is one of her most famous works and obviously also one of my favorite books. You can get it here on Amazon*.

Mord im Orientexpress

Abs tract

The setup of our story is a train traveling from Istanbul to London – we’ve all heard of the famous Orient Express, haven’t we? But this trip is anything but ordinary, as a dramatic and deadly conspiracy develops when one of the passengers is murdered. Who took his life? And why? While we are learning which passengers on the train have a motive for murder, detective Hercule Poirot resolves this very unorthodox crime. Behind the luxury and glamor of the famous train, secrets of the past were hiding and are finally coming to light.

I won’t spill all the beans here, but the story makes us realize that the solution to problems is not always obvious. Sometimes we have to wait for the right moment until all puzzle pieces come together to form a clear picture.


I’ve read several dozen of Christie’s books, and it all started with this very work for me. It’s the book that made me love the world of Agatha Christie, because you devour every page until you finally get to the final words of this complex story.

Murder on the Orient Express has a really strong opening that captivates us with colorful insights into the characters’ backstories, and it grows more and more with different discoveries that Poirot makes. After a more research in the middle part, which may seem sort of lengthy for some, a really surprising and unexpected result follows. Those who know Poirot will understand and sympathize with his pangs of conscience about the unfolding, as it conflicts with his principles and ideals.

It’s a book that is part of the great classics of literature and that deserves to be on every shelf. If you haven’t read it already, don’t waste any more time discovering this great book – and one of the most important works in the Agatha Christie universe and one of the best crime novels ever.


This book has already landed on the big screen five times. The first time in 1974, the second time in 2001, then again in 2009 with the famous British series Poirot, followed in 2015 and most recently in 2017 – with a multitude of famous actors who gave voice and body to the immortal characters from the book Murder on the Orient Express. Even if you’ve seen the films, they are still incomparable to the book. It is worth reading and is much more complex than the extract that is presented to us in the cinema.

You can watch the movie here on Prime Video*.



If I got you interested in Murder on the Orient Express, the famous classic of the Agatha Christie Poirot series, you can get the book here on Amazon*.

Or just continue checking out my reviews here in the ABSTRACT category. I have a huge collection of Christie’s books, so be ready for more handpicked recommendations with Poirot, Miss Marple & Co. 


One more thing: If you really wanna take your Agatha Christie Poirot & Murder on the Orient Express obsession one step further, plan a trip to beautiful Istanbul. Here you can take this Orient Express tour from GetYourGuide* to the original railway station, where the magical train starts its journey. Read more about the city soon in my DISTRACT blog category.

Vanessa Fernandes · 01/31/2021 at 10:46 pm

Adorei a avaliação! O toque de incluir, também, os filmes que foram desenvolvidos com esta grande história, acrescentou um pouco mais mas sou da mesma opinião, o livro é bem mais complexo e permite-nos, “observar” os detalhes descritos.

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