Agatha Christie has always shown in her books her great interest in exotic places and being an avid traveler. In several of her books, we are transported to diverse places like Baghdad, Switzerland or Istanbul. In “A Caribbean Mystery”, we are taken to the hot sun, turquoise waters and an abundance of palm trees in the Caribbean. If you would like to join the journey, you can get the book here on Amazon*.

A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie


This book does not feature Christie’s most famous character, Hercule Poirot, but we are instead accompanied by another fan favorite: It is Miss Marple, who has just received a trip to the Caribbean through her nephew. So she is taking a hiatus from her small village, where whenever crimes happen, our Miss Marple gets involved as soon as the opportunity arises. Miss Marple is the perfect embodiment of old England. Our beloved old dame lives in a small village on the outskirts of bustling London, and one of her great pastimes is bird watching with her potent monocles. Birds are not her main interest though, as it is the observation of human nature in its smallest detail. We are all children of our own personal experiences and Miss Marple, while not as cosmopolitan as Poirot, is still very capable of discerning those nuances.


She is also one of my favorite characters, as the old lady reminds me a lot of my grandmother, and the place where she lives resembles where I grew up for 17 years. Time goes by and people change. And whenever I miss my past a little, there is nothing better than reading a book in which Miss Marple is the protagonist. I remember first reading this book in less than a day. Also, the opportunity of being taken to exotic places, holidays and the like, is just exactly what we all want in these trying quarantine times. Simply returning to a normal life and being able to travel again.


Between palm trees and the warm Caribbean sun, a bored Major tells his endless stories of “the good old days”. And it is Miss Marple who is forced to endure this great annoyance. Would you like to see a picture of someone who committed a crime? Who knew this very sentence would claim lives in the tropical idyll? But that is how a Caribbean mystery begins and develops. Miss Marple sees no limits and joins forces with Rafiel, a wealthy retiree who will help her a lot in her investigations. The story unfolds quickly, and you will see the book manages to captivate your interest from beginning to end. In the end, we learn of someone who has committed crimes in the past, who is causing trouble again, and who is preparing for even more crimes they will commit in the future. And who better than Miss Marple to discover the past, in order to save the future? She masterfully unearths who the killer is, and proves how greed never ends. The more you have, the more you want. Miss Marple ended up having her vacation not as calm as she had planned, but as she rightly says, the relaxed surroundings was starting to become tiring. Too many palm trees and nothing but beautiful waters and sun one day after another. She had already missed the enigmatic English days, where you never know what the weather will be like. Nothing better than a crime to spice up your vacation, right?


I’ve read all of Agatha Christie’s works and “A Caribbean Mystery” is undoubtedly one of my favorite books. In this book, we have not only the story of the murderer, but many more parallel stories of other characters perfectly woven together by Agatha Christie. Personalities that we are able to imagine, in a picture-perfect setting in the Caribbean. This is definitely one of the best books to read in this phase that we are going through, since we cannot travel a lot physically, there is nothing better than feeling these foreign places come to live. That, together with a touch of crime and filled with lively characters, like only Agatha Christie is capable to provide. If you haven’t read “A Caribbean Mystery” yet, I recommend you get your infusion of wanderlust now: Get the book here on Amazon*. Or feel free to keep going through my reviews in the ABSTRACT category.



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