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Hey you! I’m Paulo, a Portuguese guy with a passion for reading, fashion and traveling. I moved to southern Germany 10 years ago and now I live in Stuttgart – the heart of the automotive industry, construction sites, Kehrwoche, Linsen & Spätzle – which I dislike about as much as COVID-19 quarantine. So let’s talk about something more fun. Enjoy my Blog!

The 3 _tracts of my quarantine lifestyle blog

Book reviews, men fashion tips & top travel advice.

abs tract

Let me introduce you to my favorite selection of books & arts. I will review and also link to them – if I got you interested and you wanna read them too. I may even put up some of my drawings.

at tract

I love indulging in fashion or putting together some sleek outfits and showing them off. Have a look and try out for yourself! You will find links to create a similar look.

dis tract

Don’t we all need a little distraction? Check out what to do or where to spend a great vacation, including my actual travel plan and links, for you to recreate the experience.

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